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Archistar is excited to join the 老澳门六合彩图库, championing innovative AI-driven soloutins for the planning and development industry.

Our cutting-edge technology digitizes planning and building codes, offers automatic compliance checks, and utilizes 3D generative design, enabling seamless, efficient, and compliant development processes.

With a global footprint, Archistar is dedicated to transforming urban planning and building by intergrating advanced AI solutions, thereby enhancing productivity and fosering sustainable development. Discover more via out website below.

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At AURIN we make hard-to-get data accessible—supporting innovative research on sustainable and resilient cities and towns. By building and providing complex digital infrastructure, we empower Australian researchers to address the greatest urban and regional challenges facing us today.

We specialize in doing the legwork on behalf of the researchers, with the aim to eliminate the time-consuming tasks researchers go through when starting a new project. We streamline access to a wide range of crucial datasets, which are all integrated to work together. Our aim is to lower technological barriers, open data access and increase information sharing amongst scientific communities.

AURIN’s existing digital infrastructure primarily supports research in transport, housing, labour markets, urban and regional planning, impacts of urban environments on population health, liveability and sustainability. Over the next five-year period AURIN aims to lead a national consortium, focused on establishing the foundations for Australia’s Urban Digital Twins, to address climate change, energy transition, and changing demographics.

There is no cost to access most of AURIN’s data – and data that has a charge attached is through the provider of that data. Visit our website to see how we can assist you.




Indara is Australia’s leading digital infrastructure company. We own, build, operate and manage the digital infrastructure that keep Australia connected.

We have a growing portfolio of more than 4,300 mobile towers and rooftop sites strategically located across Australia with a focus on high-value metropolitan, regional, and rural areas. We are also building for tomorrow, expanding beyond our core tower infrastructure capabilities with a range of solutions to support emerging technologies and power smart cities.

Our vision is to accelerate a sustainable digital future for all Australians, capitalising on transformative new technologies that have the power to create smarter, more connected communities. With our customer-focused and innovative mindset, we draw on our engineering and asset management expertise and proven capabilities to offer our customers an expanding range of solutions and services to support their ambitions.

We’re Indara – we’re empowering Australia’s digital future.

Get in touch to see how Indara can assist with planning for connectivity and one of our team members will respond within 24hours.

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Streamline your building assessment and consent processes to create tomorrow’s communities, today. Encourage responsible development through efficient and consistent assessments with engaged communities.

Using Objective software, thousands of public sector organisations are shifting to being completely digital. Where our customers can work from anywhere; with access to information, governance guaranteed, and security assured.

The result - stronger national and community outcomes; and accountability that builds trust in local government.

Ready to give Objective Trapeze a go? Our free 30-day trials can be used by up to 10 users, who can experience the benefits of Trapeze Professional hands-on. Click



PointData leverages cutting-edge technology and over two decades of experience in data-backed urban and regional planning consulting to present accurate property development and planning analytics.

Our unique value proposition lies in an evidence-based approach to policy development, strategic planning, and scenario planning.

With a dedicated team of urban planners, analysts, and software engineers, PointData has developed an algorithmic platform that can automate development scenarios over a council or city-wide area. PointData have collaborated extensively with planners in each state to validate our models and where possible benchmark outputs against state government land supply methods.

By combining our deep industry expertise, advanced technology, and a focus on data-driven decision-making, PointData empowers our customers to make informed and effective investment and policy decisions with confidence.”

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Over the last 50 years Planned Cover has grown from to be a market leader in built environment risk solutions.Planned Cover provide a full circle of support, offering advice, insurance and representation for profession-specific protection in the built environment industry. Planned Cover offers a unique range of tailored services including:

  • Insurance placement – professional indemnity, directors and officers, employment practices, statutory liability and general insurance & personal insurance products

  • Risk management presentations, practice notes, online CPD education, and contract review service where we will advise members of any uninsured clauses contained within consultancy contracts/agreements for PI insurance clients

  • Claims management and assistance

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Heart Foundation

Healthy Active by Design

Healthy Active by Design is a unique digital toolkit which provides best-practice, evidence-based resources and guidance to support the design and delivery of active living principles into urban planning and design outcomes.

Its point of difference from traditional planning guidance is the incorporation of physical movement and health considerations to create healthy spaces and places that promote walking, cycling (and other wheeled forms of movement) and use of public transport in neighbourhoods, towns and cities across Australia.

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The Ethics Centre

Difficult decisions are a part of life, but you don’t have to make them alone.

Ethi-call, a free independent helpline from The Ethics Centre, can help you find a path forward.

Whether your issue is big or small, professional or personal, Ethi-call provides expert and impartial guidance to help people make their way through life’s toughest challenges.

If you’re struggling with a decision, Ethi-call helps you to stop, explore all dimensions and find an answer that’s right for you.

To book a free, confidential one-hour call visit our website by clicking the visit the website buttone below



Management and Leadership Development

Women & Leadership Australia is a national initiative that supports and develops women leaders at every stage of their journey.

Through our Industry Partnership Framework, we are supported by hundreds of Australian industry associations and professional bodies each year to create deeper awareness and action around gender equity and leadership. Support from industry associations enables us to reduce barriers for Australian women by offering industry scholarships.

Our work includes:

  • Public Leadership Development Programs for women at all levels of their career.
  • In-House Leadership Development Programs for organisations looking to help their leadership teams thrive, and develop a pipeline of emerging leaders.
  • Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums: Learn, share and be inspired at our live event series held in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and online. Industry Attendance Grants are available for 老澳门六合彩图库 members, saving you up to $700 off the standard ticket price. Learn more and apply

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